Thursday, 7 October 2010

Get The Hog Outta Texas (run piggy, run!)

Americans finally have something to actually do with their bedroom arsenals of blue steel. That's because October has been declared to be 'Hog Out' month in Texas. Now 'Hog Out' may very well sound like a month-long BBQ where obese Houstonians eat their own body weight in pulled pork, but I'm afraid to inform you it is something way sicker. Way darker.
'Hog Out' is a state-sanctioned initiative to remove (ie exterminate) the estimated four million feral hawgs roaming the Lone Star State. They've even turned it into a sport; the county with the most removals wins!
If I was a feral hog, I'd be rounding up my close friends and fam, packing my stuff (straw mostly) and getting the hell out of Dodge. I'd be hot-hoofing it to a way blu-er state. And I'd be hurrying. Texan country politicians are salivating at the prospect of gunning down some piggie:

Via Gawker

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