Friday, 10 December 2010

County Comm US Embassy pen

If Cablegate has taught US diplomats one thing it is that their secret cables back to the mothership are not so secret after all. Indeed, going forward, many embassy officials will be thinking twice before they bash out another disparaging electronic cable about Gaddafi's boner for his big-fronted nurse or somesuch.
Regardless of Cablegate, communicating via the route of good old-fashioned pen and paper remains on the wane in embassy circles. In fact, they are so overstocked with official US Embassy pens that they are beginning to flog them to regular Joes like you and me. Yup, for just $40 one can now get the slick embassy look from Cali-based govt. outfitter Counry Comm. The all-black version is at the top of my Christmas list. I adore the way it can be transformed into a compact pen (see boring vid) and, what with climate change and all that, I am pleased to hear it is "good from -30F to +250F."

Via self-procalimed "faux-woodsman-wannabe-tough-guy" blog A Continuous Lean

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