Friday, 10 December 2010

Special needs

It seems capitalism's business model is based on making people feel they need stuff they don't need and can't afford and then selling it to them (often via 'special' offers). This is most naked in the run-up to Christmas. I'm aware that this observation may come across as a little vague. Here's an example of what I consider a truly pointless piece of proddy:

New York bag specialists Jack Spade want you to buy a Work Twill Doc Case. I, I assume like you, have absolutely no idea what the hell it is 'for'. Perhaps others require a 'heavy-handed cotton' doc case to display their printer paper or whatever? Perhaps having one of these babies makes you more awesome at closing business deals, more corporatesexy in the boardroom?

Maybe stupid little (commie scum) ArchBlog just doesn't get it? Or maybe this is an attempt to create a need where there is none? And then charge north of $100 (even after the special offer discount).

Via Rue Beaux 3312

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