Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Street protest, Belarus-style

Street protest seems to be all the rage in Blighty right now. There are tonnes of options for the wannabe protester: If the student fee protests don't float your boat then there's the UK Uncut movement alternative. However, for the more seasoned street protester, the Dubstep Rebellion (c Newsnight's Paul Mason) is a perhaps a little on the tame side?
To these guys, I say why not consider an awayday to freezing-cold Minsk, in totalitarian dictatorship Belarus? Lots of the locals over there took to the streets Sunday as they are growing a bit fed-up by Alexander 'Europe's Last Dictator' Lukashenko's 16-year-long run at the top.
Specifically, protesters gathered to contest the official presidential election results which saw Lukashenko bag a fourth term with an incredible 80% of the vote. Western election observers concur that big Luka stole the election (90% turnout according to the govt) but that didn't stop him sending his KGB (yes, they are still called KGB) boys down to Independence Square to 'quell' the protests which he referred to as "banditry."
After the state-sponsored beatdown, 600 protesters were in the clink and 9 of the 11 idiots stupid/brave enough to challenge The Last Dictator were either beaten senseless, in jail or missing. Below is a Russia Today vid and a few piccies from the protests taken by brave pro-democracy bods Charter 97.

*I don't think I need to mention how well they seem to be coping with the snow

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