Friday, 10 December 2010

Orlebar Brown dog print swimming trunks

I know it's December and people in Scotland are living in igloos but let's not forget that sometimes it gets so hot that people take off their puffa jackets and swim in the sea. In swimming trunks.
Orlebar Brown swimmers are the best money can buy. And @ £150 they don't come cheap. Tapping into man's love of dogs they've just released their classic beach short complete with dog prints by Adam Brown. My fave is the staffie (obvs):
However, no-one (not even Barca's shaggy-haired centre-back Charles Puyol) should be seen dead in the poodle trunks though:
Puyol photo credit: Darz Mol


  1. too many dog-sniffing-balls connotations for me

  2. .. have the parolympix people seen these?