Thursday, 9 December 2010

Real toddlers wear real tools

As previously reported on ArchBlog, the smartest kids are getting stuck in to work earlier and earlier these days. Sure, education has its merits but there are a growing band of enterprising nippers who recognise that having a job is what really counts in today's dog-eat-dog capitalist system. 'Go hard or go home (to mummy)' is their motto.
More and more youngsters are opting for hands-on blue-collar apprenticeships rather than pursuing (wussy) dreams of reading classics at Oxbridge. Smart companies like Ikea have recognised this work-now-grow-up-later trend and are beginning to market practical work tools to this new demographic. Like this awesome tool belt:

The tool kit is also sweet:

Big-up to the ever-fine HanPicked for the heads up

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  1. .. what next? Flushers? Abortionists? MPs?