Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dr Kiko (the world's first surgeon dog)

Dogs are man's best friend with good reason. They are loyal and unquestioning. They offer steady companionship, a reassuring bark here or tail wag there when life doesn't throw you a bone.
Some dogs do more than just provide excellent company. Sheepdogs help round up sheep (the clue's in the name). St Bernards roam the mountains offering hard booze to injured ramblers. German Shepherds mill around at tube stations sniffing out marijuana users before snitching to the feds.
And then there are the truly exceptional canines. Like Kino, an American doctor dog, who has just completed his first sucessful surgery.
When Kiko's scaredy-cat owner refused to have a badly infected toe seen to be a human doctor, Kiko took the law into his own hands. When the owner blacked out from a bellyful, Kiko set to work; he carefully ate the drunk idiot's toe, but, like any true medical professional, was careful to only eat the infected area. Way to go Kiko.

Via Gawker

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