Thursday, 5 August 2010

Zizou Mark II

I don't usually share my love for Queens Park Rangers with ArchBlog readers. That's because it's a tricky relationship - occasionally wonderful, usually strained, difficult and tortuous - best not necessarily shared with all! But, today, I just can't help myself ... I'm so happy and I have to share.
Today, the superhoops finally landed their big target, capturing the insanely talented Adel Taarabt from Spurs for just £1 mill. Even if you don't care for football, watch the vid below of Taarbs in action; scintillating!
If young Adel can be encouraged to pass the ball a little more often, and steer clear of the falafel wraps and plates of baklava, it will turn out to be the best bit of business Rangers have ever done.
While something of an ego-maniac, Taarabt is by far and away the best player outside the premiership and the most exciting and talented player to don the hoops down at Loftus Road since tricky Trevor Sinclair.
Roll on the 2010/11 season starting with Barnsley on Saturday. With the addition of Taarbs, I think QPR are set for a top six finish.

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  1. .. stay out of Derby if you know what's good for you!