Monday, 2 August 2010

Sock it to me!

It is an obvious point (which only the lead singer from Garbage would disagree with) but let me make it regardless; summer is better than winter.
It doesn't get dark at 4.30. And people invite you on holiday to even hotter countries where the food is way more delicious and you can stay in the sea for more than 10 minutes at a time.
That said, there are one or two things I like a lot about winter. Like thick, colourful socks. The kind you can wear without shoes without your feet bleating 'mate, we get a bit cold when you step on that stone flooring'.
So, it was with some excitement that I flag up Solmate Socks, bought to my attention by the sartorial Mr Arran Lidgett of Norf Weezy.
Beside the obvious fact that they are great looking, Solmate Socks are great for a whole host of reasons:
*given they are made of recycled cotton (mostly ground up old t-shirts) they offset your low-level guilt about how you are ruining the planet with every purchase.
*each colorway has an 'adorable' (are boys allowed to use that word?) name ie 'covered bridges' or 'october morning' (ft. in top two piccies below)
*the two socks in each pair do not match! Perfect for that 'nutty geology prof' look that's gonna be bigger than Christmas this winter.
Via Arran Lidgett
Socks available for $19 a pop over @ Hickory's Hard Goods

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