Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mining a rich vein

Half a mile undergound there are 33 Chilean miners trapped in a subterranean prison. They've been there 18 days surviving on a few spoonfuls of tuna and a biscuit each a day. The good news is they've been discovered. The bad news? It'll take around four months (!) to get them out of there. And that's assuming there's not another cave-in. Until they are reached, their only means of communication with the outside world is via a hole the size of a grapefruit. I bet they've got the subterranean homesick blues. Meanwhile, over in London, Oliver Spencer has just released its autumn/winter line. My favourite offering has to be the donkey jacket. It's a luxury re-interpretation (wax cotton shoulders, herringbone lining) of the donkey jacket made famous by Arthur Scargill and the miners. Let me know if I'm sounding at all frivolous.
Chilean miner monument photo credit: Loren Javier