Monday, 9 August 2010

Nanny McMonkey

Choosing the right babysitter is a right nightmare. Ask any new parent.
Do you go cheap and cheerful and hire a 15 year-old? Sure, it'll only cost you £20 and a ride home but can you be sure the vacant teen won't be too busy Tweeting on Facebook to notice your baby is wailing for a nappy change?
Or you fork out a fat wedge on a high-grade nanny who sports all the gold-standard childcare qualifications. Smart move other than you'll be so broke after paying her (or him) that you'll likely spend your date sharing a side of coleslaw at Spud-U-Like.
Well, the good news for all new parents is there's a third way; there's a new breed of nanny that is both affordable (free, in fact) and 110% reliable ...

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