Monday, 2 August 2010

Maulling in maghnaehs; Iranian women embrace rugger

Rugby kit is, largely, as dull as ditch-water. Apart from the odd exciting monstrosity like Stade Francais' infamous Warhollian Blanche de Castille number (below), rugger kit is usually as boring as talking to a prop about anything other than rucking. Or protein shakes.Thankfully, there's a new look on the rugger pitch which is entirely fresh and eye-catching; the Iranian women's sevens kit. The 'more is oh-so definately more' look involves a maghnaeh (a veil that fully covers the head, shoulders and neck) paired with a red Sloppy Joe and trackie bums. Not only does it look great but it swims squarely against the tide of the recent alarming penchant for figure-hugging kits which make rugby players look like condoms full of walnuts.
The Iranian kit has delighted the veil-obsessed Daily Mail. And while I am not usually a big fan of the Mail's writing, I have to say I like their opener: "If the rugby-playing women of Iran's national sevens team had cauliflower ears, no-one could tell". Photo credit (Iran rugger): AP

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