Thursday, 19 August 2010

Special Delivery

Homework for the holidays is not every student's idea of fun. But Riitta Ikonen is not every student. She's special.
When studying at the University of Brighton in 2004, Ikonen's Illustration tutor set the class a (potentially boring) holiday assignment; to send one piece of art to her each week. Presumedly, the idea was to keep the students in the swing of things. Fair enough.
I have no idea how the other students responded, but Ikonen went effing postal. Seizing the bull by the horns, Ikonen sent her teacher over 150 pieces of inspired mail art. Wherever she went, Ikonen found something or other to address and send back to Brighton.
Granted there's the odd cliche in the resulting Mail Art project - can artists just get over driftwood? -but it's still a work of staggering genius if you ask me. Check it out for yourself in YCN’s window at 72 Rivington Street, London.
Astoundingly, almost all Ikonen's 'letters' made it back to Blighty. Yup, even the copper pipe with a scratched address and the slimy slab of hair and glue. It goes to show that posties still have a sense a humour and will deliver pretty much anything so long as it's correctly stamped. Thanks to regular ArchBlog tipster Dearlove for directing me to the Applied Works blog guest posted by Ikonen.

See all the mail art pieces Ikonen's website

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