Friday, 26 February 2010

Baby Fashion Week

Some people say fashion doesn’t matter. They dress badly.
Everyone else knows there’s basically nothing more important than looking good. Always.
Hard facts like this are not lost on the young. Increasingly, babies are making sure they keep their eyes peeled for cutting-edge styling.
Take this hip little trendsetter hailing from one of the chicer enclaves of Shepherd’s Bush. Young Clementine may only be six weeks old but already she’s totally fashion-forward.
Take this shot. In it she’s gone for the distressed ethno-prairie look (don’t look it up - she invented it). Not satisfied with looking absolutely top banana, she’s accessorized perfectly with an ornamental bison (soooooo 2010).
In conversation with ArchBlog, Clementine explained her silky style is all about the detailing. “I’ve told my parents to make sure my vintage lace cuffs always peep out,” adding “I suppose it’s sort of my signature.”
Stay tuned to ArchBlog in 2010 for more wisdoms from Clementine.

Photo credit: Riggall fam archives

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