Monday, 15 February 2010

Gaddafi: fashion icon

Politicians tend to dress downright drab. Dark grey 'non-offensive' suits are de rigueur at top-level summits. Angela Merkel takes it to another level with her horrible long suit jackets.
Thankfully, not all politicians play it so safe. They're not all cut from the same cloth. Take Fidel Castro in his sixties pomp - thick-rimmed glasses twinned with no-nonsense, belted fatigues. True revolutionary chic. Some of Mandela's more 'wacky' shirts are alright too.
However, when it comes to stepping out in style only one political animal matters: Colonel Qaddafi. Whether he's sporting the banana republic strong man look or going for something a little more flamboyant, he always looks top dinar.
Source: Vanity Fair via Dearlove
Photo credits (top to bottom): Waleed el Mehelemy/Reuters/Corbis.


  1. .. who is that ballsy little Calor Gas engineer b/w Sarkozy and Obama?

  2. RIP Gaddafi. We will never forget your sartorial elegance.