Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cameron sinks tinnies

David Cameron is on the pre-election hearts and minds warpath this week.
Stepping out of Westminster, he's given relatively informal interviews to GMTV, Woman's Hour and weekly men's freesheet Shortlist.
Talking to R4 he said "If you want to be prime minister you should open up." And so he has.
It turns out he loves drinking cans of Guinness (Shortlist), and disapproves of the "commercialisation and sexualisation" of children (GMTV). That's why he doesn't like his six-year-old listening to Lily Allen. Oh yeah and he loves those common bedfellows that are darts and 'Lark Rise to Candleford.'
I feel I really know him now.


  1. .. I feel so much safer now. That Lily Allen is a communist.

  2. .. like the X Factor w/o the music