Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Barbie saves lives

Undercover reporters chasing hot scoops often end getting themselves in a whole lot of bother. I'm forever reading about fearless war junky reporter types getting kidnapped whilst on the road out of I'Bad for a cup of mint tea with a Taleban top brasser. Most of the time the fixer isn't actually the fixer and rather than a page one Terror splash these guys get nine months locked up in a cave getting awfully gaunt. With only beheading to look forward to.
Luckily, Mattel - makers of Barbie - have come to the rescue. They've invented Barbie Video Girl Doll which has the potential to revolutionise how undercover journalism works.
The new Barbie has a built-in video which shoots from a camera carefully concealed in her necklace. Sneaky. Not only is Barbie Vid Gal gorgeous (aren't all Barbies?) but the new doll is "an all-in-one shooting and screening experience." Go babe!
The ramifications for undercover journo ops are strikingly obvious: Why send some battle-hardened, bearded, khaki-clad CNN hard-ass into the Northern Territories when you can simply pop an innocent-looking 8-year-old girl on a plane armed only with her sticker album and, crucially, Barbie Video Girl Doll. Imagine the scoops she'll file. Bad luck Donal Mc and co - you're out of work.

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  1. .. so you're walking along the street disguised as Diana Ross and this happens.