Thursday, 18 February 2010

Greggs the organically sourced, ethically produced baker

High street food chains have a history of half-inching posh habits and shoving them down the throat of the mainstream to earn a few more quid.
Take the flat white coffee. A few years ago it was an in-the-know order at wanky spots like Monmouth Coffee and Fernandez & Wells. Now Costa and Starbucks have incorporated it into their brand/your lifestyle.
Bottom-feeder Greggs the bakers is now following suit and going a little more upmarket. In an attempt to woo the southern softie market they are introducing soft lighting and dark-wood flooring.
It's certainly a change of pace for no-nonsense Greggs. The narthern institution was established on Tyneside in 1964 and has been banging out dirt-cheap heart attack food (like stotties) ever since. Today, they pump out horrendously greasy baked stuff from 1,400 U.K. shops.
It seems that soon you'll be able to offset your sausage roll with a few olives and a flute of prosecco. But for the time being they haven't lost sight of their core offering. Check the 'fuck the obesity epidemic' ad of their website:
"The Chicken and Bacon lattice
Go on ... you know you really want two"

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