Monday, 1 February 2010

Big Bruvva Redux: Notting Hill

So, Channel 4 seemed to have settled on a replacement for the long running Big Brother show: Notting Hill.'
The new format is 'an open real-time programme' which basically means a live soap so far as I can make out. Fearless camera crews will trail 10 young Hillbilly hipsters as they potter about the leafy manor spunking all daddy's hard-earned cashish.
I'll not be watching as I think I might get more than a little bored of watching Trustafarians quaff ethnically-sourced macchiatos outside Coffee Plant, have five-hour brunches at Julies and mooch (worst word ever?) up and down Ledbury Road AKA Pashmina alley.
But I'm sure Hillite David Cameron is making frenzied calls to make 100% sure his 100% organic eco loft gets a little screentime on the show.
Photo credit: Photo Agency

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